Boknis Eck

For more than 60 years marine environmental parameters are measured at the time-series station Boknis Eck (BE), Eckernförde Bay, and provide information about the state of the SW Baltic Sea. Being sampled monthly it provides invaluable information about seasonal, inter-annual and long-term variability of the biogeochemistry and ecosystem of the Eckernförde Bay. BE is one of the oldest still operated time-series stations worldwide, which makes the collected data base a real treasure to scientists, stakeholders and policy-makers. Findings of BE studies not only provide information about the coastal environment in the SW Baltic Sea, but also contribute to study the consequences of ongoing environmental changes such as climate change and eutrophication.

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BE is located at the northeastern entrance of the Eckernförde Bay in the southwestern Baltic Sea. The water depth at the station site is about 28 m.

The water masses at BE are dominated by the inflow of North Sea water through the Kattegat and the Great Belt resulting in a high variability of salinity.

The Boknis Eck station is visited on a monthly basis.

Numerous biological, chemical and physical parameters are determined at six water depths from 1 to 25 m.

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